Inspired by the people of Ikaria, Nature's Elixir brings a range of herbal teas and natural products to Ireland. The Ikarians use the therapeutic properties of specific herbs to help alleviate various ailments. We hope you enjoy nature at its best as much as we do!

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Inspired by the people of Ikaria, Nature’s Elixir brings a range of herbal teas and natural products to Ireland. The Ikarians use the therapeutic properties of specific herbs to help alleviate various ailments. We hope you enjoy nature at its best as much as we do!

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St John’s Wort has been known throughout history as a wound healer and was
applied to their bodies after battles by the Spartans and the Crusaders. Though the
plant may be known today as an anti-depressant and sedative, it is historically more
important as a healing herb and is mentioned as such by many ancient Greek authors
such as Hippocrates (the founder of medicine) and Dioscurides.

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