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St John’s Wort has been known throughout history as a wound healer and was applied to their bodies after battles by the Spartans and the Crusaders. Though the plant may be known today as an anti-depressant and sedative, it is historically more important as a healing herb and is mentioned as such by many ancient Greek authors such as Hippocrates (the founder of medicine) and Dioscurides.

– Ideal for all therapeutic massages and relaxing
– Helps in the treatment of arthritis and joint pains
– Helps in the treatment of stomach pains, mild ulcers and gastroenteritis
– Helps in the treatment of first degree burns


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Spartan Healing Oil helps in the treatment of sciatica, arthritis, rheumatic pain, joint pain, healing of wounds, bruises, stomach disorders, gastroenteritis, mild ulcers, stomach pains, insect bites, skin complaints and first degree burns.

It’s healing properties are excellent, and it is also ideal for all therapeutic massages and relaxing.

It has many medicinal properties-anti depressant, antiseptic, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, astringent and healing properties.

The oil must not be used during the day in the sun, by children and by pregnant women.

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