Struggling to sleep? 5 herbal teas to help you catch some shuteye

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Stick the kettle on.

We’re a fan of our late-night hot drink, however, it can cause difficulties when it comes to catching some shuteye.

And while most people know to stay away from coffee for the few hours before bedtime, many people still think tea is a safe bet.

Yes, even a cup of Lyons (or Barrys) gold blend before bed has enough caffeine in it to mess with your ability to get to sleep, so swapping it for some herbal alternatives is always a good idea.

Here are five herbal teas to drink before bedtime.


1. Lavender

Not only is the smell super soothing, lavender tea has medicinal properties that act as a great sleep aid.

A hot cup will help calm your mind and body before bed and help you fall into a deeper, more rewarding sleep.


2. Chamomile

Known for being calming, chamomile is full of antioxidants and antimicrobial properties that benefit your overall health.

It’s also great for those suffering from cholesterol and diabetes.

3. Valerian Root

A lesser known herbal tea, but valerian acts as a mild sedative with phytochemicals sending a message to our brains to tell us to sleep – hello, black magic!

Valerian tea is often recommended for those suffering from anxiety, mood swings and insomnia.


4. Peppermint

It’s a classic and for good reason. Peppermint tea is known for helping with our digestion, however, this, in turn, helps the body relax and prepare for sleep.

The mint flavour calms and relaxes the body and mind and can even help encourage pleasant dreams – win!


5. Ginger and Turmeric

Ginger and turmeric make for the perfect combination when it comes to tea as it helps aid digestive problems, which again helps us sleep.

Packed with antibiotic and anti-viral agents, it works wonders for our overall health.

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